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Report on the November Meeting

November 19, 2009

 This Parish Council meeting followed the published agenda and the following topics were discussed or reviewed.

  • Telephone. The Parish Council has asked BT to provide a public telephone facility in the Village and has emphasised the urgency attendant on this request. Action from BT is awaited.
  • Village Plan. A copy of the Plan has now been circulated to every householder and a sub-committee, reporting to the Parish Council and incorporating members of all interested parties, including the Churches, is now formed. As noted in an earlier report, the Parish Council will be responsible for recording the activities of the sub-committee and reporting its activities to the Annual Parish Meeting. Representatives of this sub-committee will make a presentation to the Local Strategic Partnership on November 19th.
  • Housing Needs Survey. Documents related to this survey, implemented by the Rural Housing Enabler, are now in circulation. All householders are requested to return the survey documents in due time.
  • Footpaths. Clearances continue. This work, organised by the Countryside Access Group, will include various re-surfacing and repair work. Long Lane now has a traffic barrier. The footpath bridges and drainage systems have been surveyed and necessary remedial work is currently being carried out. A new footpath map is being prepared and copies will be displayed on the village notice boards.
  • Green Group. The Parish Council has received a letter of thanks for the £100.00 grant.
  • Vacancy. A public declaration of the Parish Council vacancy will be made within the next four weeks.
  • A14, improvement schemes. The Parish Council monitors the works proposed and is concerned about the possible increase in traffic through the Village. A letter expressing this disquiet has been sent to the authorities/contractors.
  • Cambridge University. Possible development between Madingley and Huntingdon Road. This is to be studied by the Parish Council and its comments will be forwarded to the S.C.D.C Planning Office
  • Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership. The Parish Council received minutes of the last meeting. Copies can be obtained from Mr. Fane.
  • Finance. Disbursements included £258.75 for grass cutting, £149.50 to Moore Stephens (auditor), £574.60 Clerk’s salary, £22.60 for for Footposts and £40.90 for Village Plan literature.

The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

The following organisation may be of interest to some members of our community.

VILLAGE BENEFITS ADVICE SERVICE Every year large amounts of social security benefits are unclaimed because many people do not know what they are entitled to, or how to claim, and older people and those with disabilities face particular difficulties. The Village Benefits Advice Service helps people to claim their share of these benefits, by offering advice and assistance. Telephone number 01353 666990 VILLAGE BENEFITS ADVICE SERVICE PO BOX 257 ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, CB7 9EA

 MICROSOFT Microsoft donations to charities. Working with the Charity Technology Trust through their Charity Technology Exchange Service, Microsoft is amongst a number of technology companies that makes software such as Microsoft Office available to the voluntary sector with supporting training. In this area the Papworth Trust and the Varrier –Jones Foundation have received software donations. If you would like to recommend or have more information about this programme, contact:- Paul Morris 0203 139 6279 e’mail ctx/partners/microsoft