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Report on the June 2009 Meeting

June 21, 2009

This meeting followed the published agenda and commenced with a presentation by Miss Catherine Shilton, the Rural Housing Enabler from ACRE, who gave a comprehensive report on an affordable ‘Rural Housing Needs Survey’ for Dry Drayton, this survey to be financed by a Housing Association nominated by the D.C and conducted by herself as an independent assessor. Miss Shilton further explained her role as an ‘Enabler’ which embraces a series of housing issues including affordable housing. The Parish role would be to assist, promote and encourage comment on the project.

At the closure of Miss Shilton’s presentation the Annual Parish Meeting was held, this commenced with the appointment of officers for the coming year.

  • Chairman Dr. N Irish
  • Vice Chairman Mr. I Alexander
  • Treasurer Mrs. L Volans
  • Ind. Auditor Mr. H Russell
  • Tree Warden Mrs. M Johnston
  • Footpath Officer Dr. N Irish/Mrs. T Stephenson
  • Representatives. V. Hall Cttee. Mr. M Dimon S and VA Mr. D Wyatt

During the meeting the following topics were discussed or reviewed.

Madingley Road Cycle path. This project progresses slowly. Negotiations with local landowners continue.

Callow Brook. Nothing further to report.

Telephone. The B.T box on Church Green will be replaced with a modern unit. Public House. Now advertised as ‘To Let’.

Village Web Site. This has been up-dated and may be enlarged to accommodate items from village/local organisations, it will also incorporate Parish Council notes.

Village Plan. The Parish Council has invited Miss McCord from ACRE to address the Council on the submitted Plan and its implementation.

Parish Forum. This meeting with members of the Planning Department present was attended by the Chairman. The meeting was reported as interesting and informative.

Housing Needs Survey.It was agreed by the Parish Council that such a survey, implemented by Miss Shilton, should proceed. Mr. Ian Alexander to liaise with the Village Green Group.

Finance.Disbursements included £187.17 for CALC affiliation, £350.00 to the Parochial Church Council, £250.75 for grass cutting, and £50.00 to the Parish Council Ind. Auditor. The C.C footpath grant of £250.00 was received.

SCDC Council Housing Transfer Ballot. It was reported by Mr. R Hall (District Council) that this ballot resulted in the ownership and management of such houses remaining with the Council.

The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

The following organisation may be of interest to some members of our community.
VILLAGE BENEFITS ADVICE SERVICEEvery year large amounts of social security benefits are unclaimed because many people do not know what they are entitled to, or how to claim, and older people and those with disabilities face particular difficulties. The Village Benefits Advice Service helps people to claim their share of these benefits, by offering advice and assistance. Telephone number 01353 666990, VILLAGE BENEFITS ADVICE SERVICE PO BOX 257 ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, CB7 9EA