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April 2014 Meeting

August 29, 2014

Draft Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting 140429MinsPlanning

Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting 140415Mins

Report on the Meeting of 18th September 2012

November 4, 2012

The formal business of this meeting opened with previously circulated County and District reports from the relevant Councillors and comments from members of the public. The County report had been presented on the web-site and was essentially taken as read and the District reports were explored in some depth with the emerging policies for Local Plans, with relation to which policies the Parish Council emphasized that in 2012/13 its principal focus will be on three major interests, housing, road safety and a recreational facility, and stated that there will an overall review of its strategy at the October meeting of the Parish Council, to which the relevant Authorities will be invited. The Dry Drayton Village Plan will also be reviewed in October.

The only item of Public comment was the circulation of the survey results for the Church Farm planning consultation which took place on 4/09/12. In this context it was noted that, at present, there were no applications for housing development in Dry Drayton.

The items of current business listed below were covered during the meeting.

Grass cutting. Mr Rounds has apologised for what is discerned as poor quality grass cutting during the past season, he explains that the weather pattern and the cutting schedule have made a major contribution to the ragged appearance of the grassed areas and hopes that the coming year will show an improvement.

Grass plots. V Perrin reports that the six grass plots, deliberately left un-mowed in the interests of wild-life and vegetation variety, can now be cut. He states that their plant lists are similar to his last survey and a list is available. There is a Common Spotted Orchid in the High   St./Scotland Rd. bank and these wild areas supported many insects.               

Dog bins. Ongoing with District Council.

Callow Brook flooding. This problem has been extensively explored together with an assessment of the water feeds from subsidiary culverts. As County Council finance is limited, a volunteer group is being set up to further analyse and ultimately eliminate this flooding by dredging and ditch clearance.

Footpaths. Various maintenance projects, including bridging and style work are in hand, users are warned that care must be taken and that these units are used at their own risk.

Planning. There were no new planning applications.

Finance. Disbursements were, £360.00, grass cutting, £225.54, salary, £182.00, HMRC, £10.00, ‘bus shelter cleaning, £24.78, expenses, £35.00, Data Protection Act, £180.86, Moore Stephens Audit, £343.20, Came and Co, insurance. It was noted that the Annual Return had been approved.

Report on the 16th November, 2010 meeting

December 12, 2010

This meeting followed the published agenda. The following topics were discussed or reviewed.

1. Housing Needs and Warren’s Field proposal The Chairman reported a meeting with Miss Newstead, the housing development manager for SCD Council, who confirmed the standard procedure for provision of housing following a formal housing survey. Miss Newstead had noted the comments made at the October Parish Council meeting and it was unlikely that planning would be granted for the proposed site on Warren’s Field. She volunteered to explore the Village, in company with a Parish Council representative, to assess the possibilities of other, more suitable, building sites and the Chairman will arrange this survey.

2. Village Plan. Work continues on various aspects of this plan.

3. Cycle Path, Drift to Bar Hill. Work almost completed. There will be a site meeting to discuss the economics of appropriate signage and an end barrier. 

4. Sustainable Biodiversity Group. Nothing to report.

5. Extension to lay-by at Methodist Church. A meeting with the Highways division revealed that finance for such a modification is not available.     

6. Grass Cutting. It was agreed to accept the tender of Mr. W G Round.

7. Best Kept Village Competition.  This year there will not be a competition.

8. Finance. Disbursements were £290.46 for grass cutting. £84.00 had been received for allotment rents.     

9. Salt Bins.  Two bins have been delivered and placed in the agreed positions.

10. Retirement of Parish Clerk.  Mrs. L Volans, after twenty eight years of exemplary service, is retiring from the position of Parish Clerk but will continue in this role until the end of the financial year (31/03/2011). Applicants for this important post should contact the Parish Council Chairman.       

The next meeting of the Parish Council is in January, 2011, but a meeting will be convened if business of an urgent nature arises. The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

Agenda, Meeting 21 September 2010

September 16, 2010

The next meeting will take place in the Village Hall at 8pm on Tuesday 21 September 2010.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting (20th July 2010)

3. Matters Arising

    Housing Needs Survey

    Village Plan

4. Path – Bar Hill

5. Sustainable biodiversity group review of green spaces

6. Grass Cutting

7. Finance

8. Planning Application

9. Correspondence

10. Next Meeting 19 October 8pm

Dry Drayton Parish Council, Agenda, 19 January 2010

January 14, 2010

Agenda for the meeting to be held at Dry Drayton Village Hall at 8.00pm on Tuesday 19 January 2010

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting 15 December 2009

3. Matters Arising

  • Village Plan
  • Clarification of the use of the school field after hours
  • Parish Council vacancy

4. Bins for gritting material

5. Precept for 2010-11

6. Grass cutting contract

7. Footpaths

8. Planning application: Mrs Arnold, High Street, extensions

9. Correspondence

  • NHS – launch of public consultation on the future of musculoskeletal services
  • CCC – Bringing hearing services closer to home
  • SCDC – Community transport

Report on the September 2009 meeting

September 20, 2009

This Parish Council meeting followed the published agenda and the following topics were discussed or reviewed.

Telephone. The B.T. box on Church Green has been removed. The Parish Council has requested B.T. to install a replacement as a matter of urgency.

Public House. The ‘Black Horse’ re-opened in late August.

Village Plan. The Parish Council Chairman has met with members of the steering group to discuss publication and implementation of the Plan and has consulted all members of the Parish Council. A sub-committee, reporting to the Parish Council, incorporating members of all interested parties, including the Churches, is to be formed and the Parish Council will be responsible for recording the activities of the sub-committee and reporting its activities to the Annual Parish Meeting. Representatives of this ‘Village Plan Implementation Sub-Committee’ will liaise with ACRE and make a Presentation to the Local Strategic Partnership in November. The Village Plan is available on paper and on the Village web site.

Housing Needs Survey. A survey, implemented by the Rural Housing Enabler is to proceed during the Autumn months. Parish Council members will discuss details and local implementation with the Enabler, prior to the actual survey.

Finance. Disbursements included £258.75 for grass cutting, £40.81 Allotment Water Rate and £10.00 for ‘bus shelter glasswork cleaning.

Footpaths. Some clearance has been carried out in Butcher’s Lane. This work, organised by the Countryside Access Group, presages various re-surfacing and repair work envisaged for the current year on other footpaths, including Long Lane. The footpath bridges and drainage systems have been surveyed for damage and remedial work will be carried out.

Green Group. A conditional grant of £100.00 was made.

Vacancy. M. Johnston has retired from the Parish Council. A public declaration of vacancy will be made.

Tree Warden. T. Stephenson agreed to act in this capacity.

Future Agenda Items. The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

Agenda for September Meeting

September 8, 2009

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place in the Village Hall at 8.00pm on Tuesday 15 September

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of last meeting 20 July 2009

3. Matters Arising

  • Housing Needs Survey and Village Plan
  • Report on Telephone Kiosk Church Green
  • Footpaths and clearing of Long Lane

4. Resignation Mrs S Johnston

5. Finance

Bills paid

  • Allotment water rate 4.81
  • P Rounds grass cutting 258.75
  • Over Cleaning Services cleaning bus stop Oakington Road
  • Grant to Green Group

6. Correspondence

CCC Emergency Planning Awareness Seminar

SCDC Recycling bin for collection of textiles

  • Microsoft software donations for charities
  • SCDC CIEH Level 3 Award for health and safety in the workshop
  • SCDC Gypsy and Traveller County Strategy
  • SCDC Tree Wardens

7. Next Meeting 20 October 2009