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May 2014 Meeting

August 29, 2014

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Report on the Meeting of 18th September 2012

November 4, 2012

The formal business of this meeting opened with previously circulated County and District reports from the relevant Councillors and comments from members of the public. The County report had been presented on the web-site and was essentially taken as read and the District reports were explored in some depth with the emerging policies for Local Plans, with relation to which policies the Parish Council emphasized that in 2012/13 its principal focus will be on three major interests, housing, road safety and a recreational facility, and stated that there will an overall review of its strategy at the October meeting of the Parish Council, to which the relevant Authorities will be invited. The Dry Drayton Village Plan will also be reviewed in October.

The only item of Public comment was the circulation of the survey results for the Church Farm planning consultation which took place on 4/09/12. In this context it was noted that, at present, there were no applications for housing development in Dry Drayton.

The items of current business listed below were covered during the meeting.

Grass cutting. Mr Rounds has apologised for what is discerned as poor quality grass cutting during the past season, he explains that the weather pattern and the cutting schedule have made a major contribution to the ragged appearance of the grassed areas and hopes that the coming year will show an improvement.

Grass plots. V Perrin reports that the six grass plots, deliberately left un-mowed in the interests of wild-life and vegetation variety, can now be cut. He states that their plant lists are similar to his last survey and a list is available. There is a Common Spotted Orchid in the High   St./Scotland Rd. bank and these wild areas supported many insects.               

Dog bins. Ongoing with District Council.

Callow Brook flooding. This problem has been extensively explored together with an assessment of the water feeds from subsidiary culverts. As County Council finance is limited, a volunteer group is being set up to further analyse and ultimately eliminate this flooding by dredging and ditch clearance.

Footpaths. Various maintenance projects, including bridging and style work are in hand, users are warned that care must be taken and that these units are used at their own risk.

Planning. There were no new planning applications.

Finance. Disbursements were, £360.00, grass cutting, £225.54, salary, £182.00, HMRC, £10.00, ‘bus shelter cleaning, £24.78, expenses, £35.00, Data Protection Act, £180.86, Moore Stephens Audit, £343.20, Came and Co, insurance. It was noted that the Annual Return had been approved.