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Report on the First and Annual Meeting 17th May, 2011

May 24, 2011

Annual Business.  The election of a Parish Council Chairman was carried forward to the next meeting. One of the two vacant Parish Council seats was filled by co-option and the remaining vacancy will be advertised. Cllr. Irish was elected Vice Chairman.

Review of standing orders, regulations and policies. These will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

Delegation arrangements and membership of Village Committees.  Appointments were made to the S and VA, P3 Liaison, the grass cutting sub-contractor, the Village Newsletter and the District Council Parish Liaison meetings.

Village Plan. The Implementation Sub-Committee will convene at the next Parish Council meeting when its membership and working group status will be considered.    

Traffic. There has been a meeting with Richard Preston (CCC). Cllr. Irish read a draft letter, for approval, which was sent after the meeting.

Footpaths. Re-surfacing work on Butcher’s Lane is in progress. The Parish Council will rejoin the Parish Paths Partnership.

Streetlighting. The District Council has confirmed its responsibility for maintenance.

Finance and Disbursements. Clerk’s salary, £194.96, Admin. £324.89, grass-cutting £360.00, ‘litter sticks’ £13.57. Lloyds Bank safe custody, £7.50, ‘bus shelter window cleaning, £10.00 and Audit costs, £50.00. The Annual Accounting statements and the Annual Governance Statement were approved.    

Planning. CCC. Crematorium work was approved.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 21st June, 2011. The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.