Agenda and Recent Minutes

Dry Drayton Parish Council Minutes are available here for: July 2013 and for August 2013


Agenda for Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 17th September 2013

Dry Drayton Parish Council –  Clerk to the Parish Council: Robert Stone c/o 26 Pepys Way Cambridge CB3 0PA Telephone: 01223 276350 email:

Summons to Dry Drayton Parish Councillors to attend the Council meeting of Tuesday 17th September 2013 at 8.00pm in Dry Drayton Village Hall

Members of the parish & press are welcome to attend, and may speak at Item 109.

106. Welcome
– including new Cllrs Sylvia Pryer & Howard Russell (to sign Declarations of Acceptance of Office)

107. Apologies for absence

108. Declarations of interest relating to items on the agenda

109. Public Participation on Agenda items & matters of mutual interest

– Presentation on A14 improvement works by the Highways Agency – County Councillor report – District Councillor reports – Matters raised by members of the public.

110. To confirm minutes of the meetings of :  (a) 12th July 2013; and (b) Planning 20th August 2013.

111. Matters arising from previous meetings
i) Item 78 – Visit to Hackers Fruit Farm
ii) item 96 iii) Bourn airfield development

112. Finance

i To approve payments to 17th September 2013

Cheque No; Payment to: Detail: £gross; £net: £vat

239; Clerk; August salary; 225.44; 225.44; 0

240; Dry Drayton Village Hall; Grant for refurbishment of kitchen; 250.00; 250.00; 0

241; ICO; Renewal of Data Protection Registration; 35.00; 35.00; 0

242; Peter Round; July grass cutting; 360.00; 300.00; 60.00

243; CACRE; Payroll service – July to September 2013; 20.52;  17.10; 3.42

Totals gross £890.56;  net £827.54; vat £63.42

ii. To note the current account balance of £9,311.49 at 28th August 2013.
iii. To receive bank reconciliation showing latest statement of available funds.
iv. Renewal of insurance policy
v. Preliminary Charging Schedule for CIL.
vi. To note outstanding S106 monies on 29 Park Street

113. Correspondence
i) Village Hall update on gaining grants for refurbishment (circulated)
ii) A14 Improvements – Public Exhibitions (circulated)
iii) Connecting Cambridgeshire – superfast broadband (circulated)
iv) CACRE invitation to attend community leadership sessions on 24th September (circulated)
v) Little Owls – Thanks for £200 grant towards costs of replacement fence and gate.
vi) Report of dog attack on Scotland Road (circulated)
vii) Invitation to attend SCDC Liaison meeting of 1st October 2013
viii) South Cambridgeshire consultation on Transport Strategy for Cambridge

114. Update on 2012/13 Action Priorities
(i) Provision of a recreation ground (if applicable)
(ii) Affordable housing (if applicable)
(iii) Village Plan, including community-led plan, and update on Village Plan Working Group meeting of 13th September; discuss and agree final response to SCDC Local plan consultation; and updates on Cotton’s Field; and Warrington Farm.

115. Environmental issues
i To discuss Scotland Road works – 30/40mph sign issue
ii Update on works required on flowering cherry tree by pump
iii To receive a report on footpath works
iv Comments on first series of lighting design maps for Dry Drayton
v Reports on proposed cycle path – PPA.
vi To consider the repair or replacement of DDPC’s strimmer.

116. Administration
i New Councillors – Declaration of Interests
ii) Proposal to relocate parish notice board to village hall
iii) DDPC representation on police panel.
117 Matters raised by Members, including items for next agenda

Robert Stone, Parish Clerk 11th September 2013

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