Agenda for Meeting 19th March 2013

Dry Drayton Parish Council
Robert Stone
c/o 26 Pepys Way Cambridge CB3 0PA
Clerk to the Parish Council
Telephone: 01223 276350

Summons to Dry Drayton Parish Councillors to attend Council meeting of Tuesday 19th March 2013 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Dry Drayton

Members of the parish & press are welcome to attend, and may speak at Item 30.

2013     Item            Agenda

27        Welcome

28        Apologies for absence

29        Declarations of interest relating to items on the agenda

30        Public Participation on Agenda items & matters of mutual interest

  • County Councillor report (Circulated on 6th March 2013)
  • District Councillor reports
  • Matters raised by members of the public.

31       To confirm minutes of the meeting of 19th February 2013

32       Matters arising from previous meetings
i) Item 25 – Revised version of communication policy & guidance note on use of email

33       Finance
i) To approve payments to 19th February 2013
Clerk February salary       £225.44        £225.44       £0.00
Clerk’s expenses Printer cartridge (50%) & SLCC £16.79 £16.79 £0.00
Totals £242.23 £242.23 £0.00
ii) To receive the latest finance report(s) for 2012/13 (to be circulated)
iii) To receive the initial draft analysis of 2012/13 payments (to be circulated)
iv) To review savings account as regards monies held; and improving interest rate.
v) To consider contributing to Cambridgeshire CC’s archive costs.
vi) To consider grant funding the refurbishment of Dry Drayton’s village hall.

34       Correspondence
i) To note emails from residents on local green sites.
ii) Cambridgeshire CC letter of 7th March 2013 on DDPC records.
iii) To note Came & Company’s spring edition of “Parish Matters”.
iv) Invitation to attend SLCC regional conference on 30th April 2013.
v) Real Time PAYE – advice from HMRC, and CACRE.

35       Update on Action Priorities for 2012/13 (if applicable)
i Provision of a recreation ground
ii Affordable housing, including report of meeting of 13th March 2013.
iii Village Plan, including: – an update on Community Led Planning; – a report on the meeting of 19th March; and – the terms of the consultation on the village questionnaire.

36        Planning issues
i To consider Local Green Space recommendations to SCDC.
ii To receive a report on the SCDC Liaison meeting of 7th March 2013.
iii Northstowe Joint Development Control Committee Meeting of 19th March 2013.
iv North West Cambridge: University’s commitments to community-building

37         Consideration of Environmental issues
i To receive a report on the Parish Paths and Future Partnerships meeting of  7th March 2013
ii To consider commissioning a drainage expert to study drainage connections and drainage channel flows in Dry Drayton.

38        Administration & communication i To discuss the Annual Parish Meeting, invitations to village organisations and participatory budgeting.

39         Matters raised by Members, including items for next agenda

Robert Stone, Parish Clerk 12th March 2013


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