Agenda For Meeting Tues 15 January 2013

Dry Drayton Parish Council
Robert Stone
c/o 26 Pepys Way Cambridge CB30PA
Clerk to the Parish Council
Telephone: 01223 276350

Summons to Dry Drayton Parish Councillors to attend Council meeting of Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Dry Drayton. Members of the parish & press are welcome to attend, and may speak at Item 4.

2013 Item Agenda

1 Welcome

2 Apologies for absence

3 Declarations of interest relating to items on the agenda

4 Public Participation on Agenda items & matters of mutual interest
– County Councillor report
– District Councillor reports
– Matters raised by members of the public.

5 To confirm minutes of the meeting of 20th November 2012

6 Matters arising from previous meetings

7 Finance
i) To approve payments to 15th January 2013
Cheque Payment Detail £gross £net £vat
193 Clerk Salary for Dec 2012* 225.54 225.54 –
194 HMRC NI – Oct to Jan 2013 169.00 169.00 –
195 Cambridgeshire CC 2012/13 Street lighting energy charges 152.11 152.11 –
196 Mrs Northrop Tea, coffee etc 2.08 2.08 –
197 Hire of DD village hall April, May, June, July, Sept & October 48.00 48.00 –
198 CACRE Payroll – Oct to Dec 16.92 14.10 2.82
199 Clerk SLCC
8.30 8.30 –
Totals 621.95 619.13 2.82
* Salary for November of £225.44 paid by cheque 192 on 10th December 2012
ii) To receive the latest finance report(s) for 2012/13 (to be circulated)
iii) SCDC advice on 2013/14 precept
iv) To approve the budget & precept for 2013/14 (to be circulated)

8 Consideration of correspondence
i) Second SCDC public consultation on new Local Plan to 18 February 13
ii) Emails from residents on recent flooding
iii) Emails from residents on hedge planting
iv) SCDC invitation to attend next liaison meeting on 7th March 2013.

9 Update on Action Priorities for 2012/13 (if applicable)
i. Provision of a recreation ground
ii. Affordable housing
iii Village Plan (including proposed cycle paths)

10 Current business
i To consider recent environmental issues, including:
(a) flooding; and (b) footpaths (if applicable).
ii To consider subscribing to Parish Online mapping
iii To consider latest advice from Cambs CC regarding the village greens.
iv To consider financing insurance cover for community volunteers

11. Administration & communication
i To receive advice from the Clerk on agenda items
ii To consider an email policy
iii To approve agendas and draft minutes appearing on the village website.
iv. SLCC policy advice on the recording of Council meetings.
v To discuss circulation of correspondence

12.) Matters raised by Members, including items for next agenda
– Dates for future meetings
Robert Stone, Parish Clerk 9th January 2013

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