Report of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21st February 2012

REPORT OF THE PARISH COUNCIL: 21st February, from Cllr David Wyatt

The formal Parish Council meeting was preceded by comment from members of the public and County and District Councillors’ reports. Reports received from County Cllr. Reynolds and the District Cllrs. were duly noted.

During the Parish Council meeting the following topics were discussed. Village Plan As noted previously, revision of the Plan and associated working group membership continues. The next meeting of the working groups will take place prior to the Parish Council meeting on 20/03/2012.

Traffic and Speed limit Policy on Scotland Road.  Cllr Rosewell continues to monitor progress on this project and will attend any site visits from the panel.

Biodiversity Survey  V Perrin was thanked for his outstanding survey and suggestions for  ‘village walks’ and other exploitation of the Village environment were put forward. This will be an agenda item for future meetings when its full implications will be discussed. As noted previously, ‘Survey of the green spaces’ by V. Perrin is to be printed by Cllr Irish and circulated.

Tree Planting. This topic was discussed in the ‘Jubilee Tree Project’ context with reference to individual and organizational donations of single trees or groups of trees.

Planning  No new applications received.

CCC Community Hubs  There is an initiative from the CCC to explore with Parish Councils and residents the feasibility of creating a ‘hub’ at Bar Hill to improve access to public services at Bar Hill and surrounding villages. A meeting, open to local Councillors, is to be arranged

Finance and Disbursements The monthly finance report was considered. The following payments were approved, HMRC £24.37, LGS Services (Admin support) £289.11, LG Stoehr  £97.48. The invoices were checked by the signatories before payment.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 20th, March, 2012 and it should be noted that the ‘Annual Parish Meeting’ with its ‘organisation reports’ and the ‘Annual Parish Council Meeting’ will take place individually in the following two months.

The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village groups and organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to all Council meetings. Every Village group and organisation should attend the Annual Parish Meeting and plead their case for a grant, if such is required.

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