Report on the 19th October, 2010 meeting

This meeting followed the published agenda. The following topics were discussed or reviewed.

1. Housing Needs and Building Proposals. A presentation on these subjects was made by a Luminus representative, A Chapman, and the SCDC development manager, S Newstead, they described the SCDC objectives in providing ‘low cost’ housing and its maintenance and further provided a guide to the ‘preferred families’ in such housing and their necessary relationship with Dry Drayton. The outline proposal for an ‘exception site’, embodying up to 18 dwellings, outside the village perimeter, in the green belt and in an area of best landscape, was discussed at length.
Members of Dry Drayton Parish Council expressed their unease regarding the proposal and the possible designation of the area involved as ‘special needs land’. The Council also noted that there had been several formal and verbal objections to the proposal from villagers and agreed that much more information about ‘low cost’ housing was needed and that the matter will be discussed further in the light of this data. The Council will also review the housing need numbers mentioned in the ACRE survey and re-examine the tentative Luminus proposals. As yet, no formal application has been received on these proposals and their content will be discussed in conjunction with the SCDC in due course.

2. Village Plan. Work on various aspects of this plan continues. Land suitable for a play area is currently being sought and funding for this project is under discussion.

3. Cycle Path, Drift to Bar Hill. Clearance work is in progress and appropriate signage is being addressed.

4. Cycle Path, Bar Hill to Coton. Discussions, emphasizing safe cycling, are taking place between the Parish Councils involved.

5. Sustainable Biodiversity Group. Nothing to report.

6. Planning Application. Dry Drayton Cricket Club. Replacement shed and tree works. Agreed

7. Extension to lay-by at Methodist Church. Members agreed that this would be advantageous for both Church members and mothers transporting school children.

8. Best Kept Village Competition. It was agreed that this presented opportunities for a general ‘tidy up’.

9. Finance. Disbursements included £290.46 grass cutting, £25.85 shredder repairs, and £570.18 clerk’s salary plus expenses.

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