Report on the April 2010 meetings

The April Parish Council meeting was preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual reports were received from named representatives.

• Allotments Mr. G Carter
• Townlands Charity Mr. G Carter
• Neighbourhood Watch Mr. R Burton
• Village Hall Mr. D Wyatt
• S and VA Mr. D Wyatt
• District Council Mr. R Hall
• Parish Council Dr. N Irish

Mr. G Carter was re-appointed as representative of the Allotment Committee and Mr. R Burton was re-elected as Neighbourhood Watch representative.

The Chairman agreed to make enquiries regarding the new ‘Clean Up’ scheme, proposed by the District Council, and the Annual Parish Meeting closed with the Chairman thanking the representatives for their reports and work throughout the past year.

The Parish Council meeting then commenced and the following items were discussed:

Village Plan Work continues on this project which will be fully reported in the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 18/05/2010.

Housing Needs Survey Findings will be presented by Miss Shilton, the Rural Housing Enabler, at the meeting on 18/05/2010.

A14, improvement schemes A pre-inquiry meeting is to be held in St. Ives on 24/05/2010.

Finance Disbursements were £40.50, Ramblers Association Fee, and £199.64, CALC Associated fee.

Training The Tree Officer reported on this specialist subject training as comprehensive, combining definition with advice on all aspects of trees and woodland.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on 18th May 2010; this will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

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