Broadband Speeds in Dry Drayton

Andrew Lansley, our local Member of Parliament, has been informed that South Cambridgeshire does not benefit from fast Broadband which puts many businesses and other internet users at a significant disadvantage as many users have connection speeds which are below the Government’s recommended speed of 2MB. Andrew Lansley wishes to know the extent to which slow Broadband speeds affect people in this Parish.

Those affected should write to:-

Andrew Lansley, 153, St Neots Road, Hardwick, Cambridge, CB23 7QJ, Telephone 01954 212707 E’mail

[Note from Webmaster. If you wish to test your broadband speed there is a free test here: Click on the button marked ‘Begin Test’. This is a site which also has products for sale, but the speed test is instant and free – post your speeds here as comments to this post]



One Response to “Broadband Speeds in Dry Drayton”

  1. Les Says:

    Up among the silver surfers of Pettitts Close I averaged out five test outside working hours over the last week to a download speed of 5.1 MB and upload of 0.34MB. Doesn’t feel too slow – but I’m paying for an “up to 8MB” service. What are other people getting?

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