Report on the July 2009 Meeting

This meeting followed the published agenda and commenced with a presentation by Mrs. Sarah Johnston, from ACRE, who had come to discuss and progress the Village Plan with regard to its publication, distribution and appointment of a Steering Group. This plan was formally adopted at the last Council meeting and relevant Council minutes will be forwarded to ACRE.

The Parish Council role will be to assist, promote and to encourage comment on the project.

During the Parish Council meeting the following topics were discussed or reviewed.

Madingley Road Cycle path. This project has been rejected by the University and will not progress in its present form. Alternatives are being researched.

Callow Brook. There will be no further action. Remedial vegetation removal and tree work will be carried out in August.

Telephone. The B.T box on Church Green will be replaced with a modern unit.

Public House. This has been ‘let’ and will re-open in late August.

Village Plan. The Parish Council Chairman has met with members of the steering group to discuss publication and implementation of the Plan. A reporting sub-committee of the Parish Council will be formed. The final version of the Plan will be made available on paper and also on the Village web site.

Housing Needs Survey. A survey, implemented by Miss Shilton, Rural Housing Enabler, is to proceed. Miss Shilton will co-operate with a Village working party and a relevant publicity article will be placed in the Newsletter.

Finance. Disbursements included £258.75 for grass cutting, and £576.55 Parish Clerk expenses.

Footpaths Various re-surfacing and repair work envisaged during the current year. The footpath bridges/drainage systems have been surveyed for damage and any remedial work will be carried out in the Autumn.

Future Meetings. The Community is reminded that Parish Council agenda items should be sent to the Parish Clerk, in writing, at least 14 days prior to the Parish Council meeting and that village organisations are invited to forward short reports on their activities to Council meetings.

The following organisation may be of interest to some members of our community.


Every year large amounts of social security benefits are unclaimed because many people do not know what they are entitled to, or how to claim, and older people and those with disabilities face particular difficulties. The Village Benefits Advice Service helps people to claim their share of these benefits, by offering advice and assistance.


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